If you have a spare minute you can use it to make major changes.

Being 50 has its benefits. You have lived long enough to have an opinion and still have a couple of years to change the opinions. You need help with understanding marketing concepts shoot me a message and let us hash it out together.

When in doubt ,share. So here is to sharing opinions, ideas and feedback and clearing the doubts.

Dr. Shambavi Rajagopal started a small effort to save scraps from tailors&landfill and make something useful for people who need it more. Buddies and team work helped the journey #savescrapnsew Join in to Be a buddy with your smile and scissors.

When three friends Anitha,Geeta and Shambavi ,find a common passion and want to share it with others 'Sew A Gift", is born.
Sewing gifts,customized messages, bonding relationships. 

One Minute Goals

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