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Participation in Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Participations:

    • Addressed AgraME 2016 ,14th March 2016 on “Waste Disposal of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in The UAE”

    • Strathclyde Roundtable Acdemia meets Practice, October 2014,

    • Attended and Presented at Food Chain Safety Conference 2nd -3rd June 2014 on “Waste Disposal of Fruits and Vegetables in The UAE”.

    • Video address to National Seminar on 'Higher Education in India: Striving for  Excellence’, conducted by Kurukehstra University, Kurukshetra in February 2014.

    • Virtual Presentation in 2nd International Conference On Marketing , February 2014.

    • Paper in absentia in 10th International Conference of Management and Behavioural Sciences – January 2014

    • Addressed MBA students of Bhagat Phool Singh university,Sonepat on ‘Branding without mass Adverstising’ and ‘Role of Packaging’ in Aug 2013.

    • Active participant in ‘Celebrating Marketing Week’ – 2011-2013 at Strathclyde UAE

    • Presented at 1st Global Islamic Marketing conference, March ,2011

  • Attended:

  • MMA Conference April 2019.

  • Conference on Women Empowerment organized by HopScotch Dubai. ,April 2017

  • Silver pop Digital Marketing Universiity June 4th ,2014.

  • Attended 1st Action Learning Forum, ‘lets learn to learn’, conducted by Prof Jeff Gold      in IMT, Dubai,May 2014

  • Presentation by  Prof.Sudio Sudarshan on “Reptilian Branding”, at S.P. Jain School of Global Management, Dubai ,November 2013.

  • Participated in Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) Council MENA Advisory Board Meeting + Ethical Brand Forum held in Hotel Meydan in Septemberr 2013.

  • World of Perishables – 2014-2009,Dubai, UAE

  • Unlimited Power Online II, November 2009, organised by Right Selection Group, Dubai,UAE on behalf of Middlesex University Dubai

  •  “Brandvertising” conducted by Alyque Padamsee, Veteran Brand Guru from India,2009

  • Innovate to Educate- Connect with Xerox Emirates,Dubai UAE. Condcuted by Tony      Buzan-creator of concept of Mind  Mapping

  • First International Consultants Conference June 2009 ,Dubai, UAE

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