One Minute Goals


Efficiency is more Important than Perfection  

If you have a spare minute you can use it to make major changes.

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Being 50 has its benefits. You have lived long enough to have an opinion and still have a couple of years to change the opinions. You need help with understanding marketing concepts shoot me a message and let us hash it out together.

When in doubt ,share. So here is to sharing opinions, ideas and feedback and clearing the doubts.

Dr. Shambavi Rajagopal started a small effort to save scraps from tailors&landfill and make something useful for people who need it more. Buddies and team work helped the journey #savescrapnsew Join in to Be a buddy with your smile and scissors.

When three friends Anitha,Geeta and Shambavi ,find a common passion and want to share it with others 'Sew A Gift", is born.
Sewing gifts,customized messages, bonding relationships. 


Thank you Ma'am.. Had a great session with you. Got to learn a lot from you. Learnt a lot of new concepts. You explained everything in a amazing way. Thank you once again for your tips.. 😊

I just had a training session with @shambavi regarding my podcast journey and she has been great, I loved how she had prepared a customized presentation for me and gave so much marketing idea’s. Would definitely recommend her services and listening to her One Minute goals podcast. More power to her.

For someone trying to find a direction and most importantly having an action to plan Shambavi is the person to talk to . She guided me through the process of putting a method to the madness in my head
Thank you Shambavi for a wonderful session .
PS: she will inspire you 


It's really nice to listen and fun I enjoy listening to Shambavi and lot of people I know pls keep coming up with new interviews and ideas ....Regards sneha

I spoke to Shambavi before i could start off with anything.. just with an idea in mind and no direction to move..
she helped me lay a clear path and chart out a mind map.. Thank you Shambavi. you were very helpful.❤

I just had a friendly consultation with @Shambavi Ramanan Rajagopal today! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. She has given me pointers to think about and how I could address them so my business becomes more visible and eventually attracts new prospect. I highly recommend her services!